Introduction to the Series.

  • Thank you for considering launching an Awaken event.
  • Watch the below videos to learn how to start an Awaken event.

STEP ONE: Hear from God.


  • Hear from God.
  • Only take on such a mantle if He is calling you.
  • Bathe your movement / event in prayer. It all starts and is sustained with prayer!

STEP TWO: Get a Name.

  • Chose a name that is reflective of your geography and you intention.
  • Chose a name that helps people “buy in” to what you are going after.

STEP THREE: Get a Logo.

  • Chose something clear.
  • Chose something that is culturally appropriate.

STEP FOUR: Set a Date.

  • For a regional gathering- 3 months out set a date.
  • For a statewide gathering- at least 6 months out.
  • For a national gathering- at least 1 year our.
  • Stick to your date.

STEP FIVE: Get a Venue.

  • You’re better to start small and have room to grow.
  • Know your faith and don’t over reach.
  • Let God set your targets.
  • Dream God sized dreams!

STEP SIX: Negotiate your venue.

  • You can save a lot of money by asking the right questions.
  • Ask about using volunteers.
  • Ask about their suppliers.
  • Don’t cut corners when it comes to health and safety.

STEP SEVEN: Get the word out.

  • Utilize social media.
  • Encourage people to share with others and invite others.
  • Leverage churches in a relational way that honours the Pastors and Leaders.
  • NOTE: Always pay for coffee with Pastors you take out, this is a great way to honour them. We also hold a bi-monthly Pastors Breakfast, which we pay for. This honours the Pastors and also brings them together, this has been a HUGE part of the ministry. Getting Pastors into the same room as each other is crucial for bringing unity to the churches, Pastors often won’t work together until they have walked together.

STEP EIGHT: Build a Team.

  • Cross out the word, volunteers. VOLUNTEERS Call them what they are, they are your team.
  • Appoint Team Leaders, their teams report to them, they report to you.
  • Our Teams: Hosts, Carpark and Security, Hospitality / Team Room, Prayer, Worship Team, Technology, + an Event Coordinator.

STEP NINE: Run the Event.

  • 2pm Venue opens, movement leaders, event coordinator, tech arrive.
  • 3pm Worship team and Set up Team Arrive
  • 4pm Street Outreach and Sound Check for Band
  • 5:30pm Team Briefing
  • 6pm Start Service with Welcome and Worship
  • 6:50pm Offering and Announcements
  • 7pm Pray for the Region and Nation
  • 7:15pm Message
  • 8pm Altar Calls, Prayer and Ministry
  • 8:30pm Close Service (Flexible)

STEP TEN: After the Event.

  • The day after the battle is more important than the day of the battle.
  • Follow up with New Christians.
  • Follow up with Your Team.
  • Ask the Lord if there is more for your region? What else can be done?
  • Get to planning, preparing and praying for the next event.


What do you do about budget?

  • Each budget will vary depending on size and scope.
  • Keep your finances transparent and accountable.
  • Always have two people count the offering.
  • If possible set up seperate account for the events or ask your church to have an account / budget line for your event.

What about insurance?

What do you say yes and no to? How do you stay on track?

  • Have a clear mandate.
  • Repeat it.
  • Protect it.
  • Be flexible on the peripherals but hold onto what is central.
  • To see Awaken the Valley’s mandate or to learn more about Awaken the Valley, head to

Disclaimer: Videos are the opinions of Awaken the Valley only, we do not take responsibility for any loss or damage caused by following our advice. Each “Awaken” event started as a result of these videos is responsible for their own events and should take out their own insurance etc. We do not own “Awaken” or “Awkakening” and as such you are free to use such terms as you see fit. Neither Awaken the Valley or own or endorse any Awaken events other than what is indicated at